With the way of life today, Westech comes with advantages include portability, ease of application, and the ability to reposition which conveys an easier, faster and cleaner way to get the job done. HPL is widely use in the purpose of surface decoration and most suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. It performs well and applied on countertops, tabletops, flooring, furniture manufacture (high pressure laminate; edge gluing/banding, veneering), on window frames and cabinet making etc. Can be formed around curve edges by application of heat and restraint. Adding to this is our adhesive controlled spray pattern that minimizes overspray and helps clean-up, plus their cost effectiveness providing a strong and consistent bond, superior fficiency and labor savings.
Glue for Styrofoam
Glue for Cabinets
Recommended Products
  • HP15
  • HS13/HSC13
  • HSEA
  • HS-MAC18
  • NFHS
  • MPEA
  • HPRA